Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tweens, Clothing, and Forever Lazy

If you are the parent to a tween or teen girl you have on at least one occasion have not had the exact outfit completely washed that they wanted to wear.  This will result in your daughter throwing a mini tantrum on how you are ruining her life due to the fact that her pink peace sign tee shirt is not clean and she now has to wear her blue one.  Which in wearing the blue one she might actually die from wearing on this particular day.

Hormonal tweens and teens are a wonderful test to any parents last nerve.  Sometimes you will even being to partially understand why some mammals eat their young.  Girls seem to be even more prone to these feeling since they will be on the same hormonal timeline as their mothers, resulting in complete blow up fights.  During these fights your husband will wish that not only did he only had sons, but that his wife didn't have PMS at that particular time.

Since all of us parents are ever so worried about where our children fall on the social hierarchy none of us would ever not have the correct outfit washed on the day that they wanted to wear it.  If we didn't we would automatically be thrown into parenting jail where we are forced to learn to make sure every single piece of clothing is clean at every moment in our households.  Until this skill was mastered, you would have to survive on only bread and water while sleeping on a cold hard slab of concrete without a blanket wearing a Forever Lazy.  Even that might not be enough to get you to understand how horrible your actions were by not having the pink peace sign shirt clean.


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