Monday, January 23, 2012

Remembering Joe PA

Joe Paterno will go down as one of the best college football coaches ever.  His record of games coached at a single college will never be close to being touched.  He was well loved throughout the football community and Penn State.

In November when the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal broke all of us thought "Say it ain't so, Joe".  Unfortunately it was so, and we all watched as the case against Jerry Sandusky grew and grew and grew some more.  Horrible details were leaked about sexual abuse against young boys that spread the course of decades.  As a mother my heart reached out not only to the boys, but their mothers as well.  No child should ever have to deal with what these children dealt with.

As all of these details were being exposed, a huge blow to the college football community came in with the firing of Joe Paterno over the investigation.  Many of us were asking why was Joe PA fired, but not Mike McQueary who is the one that actually witnessed the abuse?  McQueary is the one that saw first hand what happened, the one that didn't go to the police with what he saw, the one that waited to tell anyone what he saw.  Yet Joe was at home watching that weeks game and McQueary was standing on the sidelines coaching.

Not seeing what had happened first hand, only hearing a sugar coated story of what happened, Joe told his boss.  For doing this action, he was fired.  He was never charged with any crime.  He never saw any crime or abuse take place.  Yet the Mom Community is letting this tarnish this mans reputation not only in life, but in death also.

Yes, what Jerry Sandusky did is a horrible thing, but we should not let what that man did tarnish another's reputation.  I am going to choose to remember Coach Joe PA just as that, a great coach.  A man that donated millions to his University.  A man that was a living legacy in college football.  A man that fought hard.  A man that thought he was blessed in life.  A man that was respected as not only a football coach, but as a person.  I hope that more than just me can remember this great man as such.

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