Monday, January 30, 2012

Parenting Books are.......

Parenting Book sales make up 25% of total book sales in the United States.  There is at least one book on every parenting technique imaginable, for every age, and even for each gender.  Most parents will swear that a certain book was a life saver, and the only thing that worked with their child.  Others will then tell you that the book someone else just recommended didn't work, and that this other book is the only one you need because it was a life saver and worked.

Since finding out I was going to be a Mom in 2002 I have read one parenting book.  The only reason that I have read even one parenting book is because I was given a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting by a family member while pregnant with my first.  I read every page of that book, and asked my doctor a ton of question because I was worried about every little thing.  His answer was always a different variation of you are fine, everyone is different.

After having my first I was told about a multitude of different parenting books that I should read by my friends.  I was even given one by my pediatricians office on common childhood aliments.  While sifting through all of the information I was given by my friends about different books I came to a conclusion.  My baby was fine, and that everyone was different.  Sound familiar?

Amazingly enough humans have been parents since before writing was invented, and some how they managed to somehow raise their children.  I figured if they could do it, so could I.  After all I am not building a pyramid while raising my kids, only the occasional patio.  The only foraging for food that I have to do is going to the grocery store when we run out of something.  Plus I'm pretty sure that I won't have to worry about a rival tribe invading my village while I'm dealing with an issue that has came up.

The authors of most parenting books want you to believe that their advice is the only advice that you will ever need on how to parent your child.  Their way will work for almost all children, given that you follow everything exactly how they say to do it.  After you and your child have mastered their book in 5 to 7 business days you will have no more problems until your child turns 18 and is in college being a model citizen.  There is only one problem with that, everyone is different.

All children react differently to different parenting techniques.  Even my own three have a different way of reacting to mine.  Does everything that I do work, no it doesn't.  But I listen to my Momdar to zero in on what didn't work, and change that for next time.  One thing that works with all kids is listening to them and getting to know them.  Understand what kind of personality they have, and adjust your parenting technique to their unique personalities. 

We need to realize that we don't need books to tell us what to do on something that should come naturally to us. Of course when that fails, there's always Google.

What parenting books have you read?

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