Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My love/hate relationship with the flu

It is once again flu season.  The season that every mother looks forward to every year, yes sarcasm intended.  With 3 kids, when the flu hits the house it's here for at least a week.

This week it started with my youngest.  The Little Guy came into my bedroom less than 10 minutes after I had fallen asleep, woke me up, said "Mommy, my tummy......" and if you are a parent you can figure out what happened after he said tummy.  After cleaning up him, me, the floor, changing the sheets and comforter on the bed, getting him some Sprite, bringing his blanket and pillow into my bedroom, finding all 3 toys that he wanted to sleep with, and grabbing the mop bucket just in case this was to happen again, I could finally lay back down.

Over the years it has gotten easier on me when they do become sick.  I no longer worry about if a fever is too high.  I know what to keep on hand for when one of them falls sick.  The fact that they can now talk to tell me what is wrong is a huge plus.  I think that my mother also likes the fact that I don't call her for advice at 2am when one of them is sick.

Yesterday the Little Guy laid on the couch for most of the day, wanting me to lay there with him.  He didn't get up and play at all.  Today on the other hand, he is feeling much better.  He has been playing Power Rangers with Cedric, running around like a crazed 4 year old, and eating everything in sight.  All of this energy and noise made me realize that the flu might not be that bad.  No, I don't like it when my kids are sick, but the quiet that it brings isn't so bad.   I have time to read my Kindle without being interrupted, I have an excuse to not do anything all day, and I can cook a simple supper without anyone complaining. 

An easy day in the Momiverous is defined by different things.  Giving my noise blocking skills a break for the day wasn't such a bad thing, but now I'm paying for it because the cleaning fairy didn't show up at all yesterday.  I guess she must have been out with the flu too.

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