Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids cuss, get over it already

The recent uproar of an upcoming episode of 'Modern Family' has me rolling my eyes.  Evidently in this episode a cute little two year old is going to drop the f-bomb.  Oh the horrors that are associated with this since no other toddler in the history of the world has done this!

Lets get real for a minute, toddlers pick up on our speech.  They repeat things that we say, this is how they learn to speak.  Their little brains don't shut off just because Mom dropped something on her toe and said s--- or because Dad's favorite football team just gave up a huge lead and his language just got more colorful.  They hear everything we say and pick up on everything we think that they don't hear.

Maybe it's because I'm a "veteran mom" that I find this topic funny.  All 3 of my kids picked up on a cuss word as a toddler.  All 3 of them now know that they should not say that word because it's an adult word.  It didn't scar them for life from saying this word.  It didn't turn them into out of control children because they said something they shouldn't have. It was just something that they picked up on that we had to teach them not to do, or the most effective way ignoring it.

Parents need to stop worrying about the possibility of their child hear a beep on tv over a controversial word.  If your toddler knows what word should go into that beep, then you might need to look at yourself rather than the tv.  Maybe even look at this as a learning opportunity on why we shouldn't use that kind of language, or just watch a show meant for adults when your kids aren't around.

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