Thursday, January 19, 2012

The ever so perfect mother

Starting in preschool you notice which Moms are the over achievers, the perfect ones, the ones that are always volunteering at the school.  They make the perfect all natural cupcakes from scratch, their hair and makeup are always perfect, and there is never a McDonald's cup falling onto the ground from the backseat of their minivan when their kids get out.  Actually their kids have never had McDonald's because the perfect mom always has supper cooked from scratch and on the table at 5:30pm sharp.

Most of the time you get lucky, the Preschool perfect mom is not in your elementary school too.  When you get to elementary school you have a different perfect mom to deal with, one that hopefully doesn't have a child in the same grade as your kid.  If they are in the same grade, hopefully not in the same class.

The perfect mom in our elementary school has a daughter the same age as Bug, luckily different grades, and the same grade as Doodle.  She shows up to everything, volunteers daily almost, sends in the perfect cookies, makes all of the baskets for the PTO raffle, and happens to be my neighbor.

She doesn't really "get" me at all.  She doesn't understand how I can just let my kids run around outside, well we live with a cornfield in the backyard and a field full of cows on the left other so it's not like we are in a high traffic area.  Doesn't understand how I let my girls play so many sports, ummmmm because they want too.  Couldn't believe that I don't walk them to the bus every morning, since we're rural it stops at the end of our drive I can stay inside where it's warm and see them.  Cringes at the site of my kids leaving something in our yard or drive, again we're rural not a huge crime rate around here.  Suggests that Doodle play over there instead of her perfect child playing over here.  And I can tell that she looooooves our huge 12mo rescue dog that thinks everyone should play with her and if you don't can be very vocal about her feelings.

I'm the Mom that my kids friends will yell Hi too across the ball field, we're the house that everyone wants to come spend the night at because we make pizzas for supper and waffles for breakfast, if clothes get dirty I don't really care because they wash and the same goes for kids.  I'm the fun mom of the school, the one that's a tad out there, that knows all of the other parents by site and will stop and have more than a cordial conversation with them.  I don't look down on any of the other parents because of them living in a trailer or being divorced or not having the time to make 12 dozen individually wrapped cookies for the school carnival.

Back when my kids were in preschool I was scared that I wouldn't be the perfect mom, that the other parents would look down on me if I wasn't.  Now I know that I don't want to be the stuck up, do everything by the book, unapproachable mom.  I like being the artistic, tad nuts, sarcastic, fun mom.  I've found that even though I'm not that perfect mom, the PTO and school still call me as much as they do her to fill time slots for activities.  I always help out if I can, and I get the bonus of making her cringe when I suggest the next time we car pool as I get out of my SUV and a McDonald's cup falls out.

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  1. Great blog! I found your site on Bloggy Moms and I'm glad I stopped by.

    I am not even close to the perfect mom and it makes life so much easier knowing I don't aspire to be one. Because I don't expect to be the perfect mom, I also don't expect my kids to be perfect either! I've met many of these types of moms and am happy to say I have yet to meet one at DD's school, I think I lucked out and got a good batch of honest, everyday, normal moms :)

    As for your health concerns, I hope you are able to find coverage and be able to look after yourself! Moms always seem to get taken care of last but you're important and need to be healthy too.