Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I miss Adult Sandwiches

In a rare occurance last week all of the kids went with us to the grocery store.  They picked out bologna and peanut butter for their sandwiches this week.  Me, I got ham so I could take sandwiches to work with me.

 A couple days later......
Middle child "Mom, can I make a sandwich?"
Me "Sure, go ahead, just make sure you clean up after you're done"
2 minutes later
Oldest Child "Mom, can I make a sandwich?"
Me "Go ahead, just make sure that you put everything back when you get done"
Oldest Child "Got it"
30 seconds later
Youngest Child, yelling from the kitchen "MMOOOOOMMMMMMMM, can Kynz make me a sandwich?"
Me yelling back from living room "YES!"

5 minutes later.....
I walk into the kitchen and put away the bread, ketchup, and mustard

5am I walk in from work, go into the kitchen to make a sandwich, discover that my kids ate all of my ham.  They were nice enough to leave me the peanut butter and bologna though. 

New rule, mom's ham gets hid so she can quit eating peanut butter sandwiches.

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