Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you sure you graduated in the 90s?

During my Black Thuraturday shopping spree this year I finally got myself a touch MP3 player, no it's not a touch iPod lets get real here I do have 3 kids.  Since my husband does ever so much around the house some days, I put him in charge of putting songs on my MP3 player so I could rock out while cleaning.  I figured that this was a simple, non energy using job that he could handle. 

He asked for a list of bands I wanted on there.  I rattled off several 90s alternative/grunge bands and a couple of country artists.  I get a "No Problem, got it" from him, and I went off to work on my current sketch.

Fast forward about an hour, and a few cuss words from him since he was having issues with the MP3 payer, and he hands me it back.  I plug in and start bee-bopping around the house doing my cleaning.  I was rocking out to "old school" Creed, when all of a sudden TECHNO comes through my headphones.  My first response, well I can't say that on a parenting blog but I'm sure that you can figure out what it was.  I check the play list and instead of Stained, awesome band, I had Stain K, evidently techno band from Europe.

Me "Um, honey, why do I have techno on my MP3 player?"
Hubs "What are you talking about, you hate techno.  I didn't put any techno on it"
Me.  *holds up earbud to his ear*  "Um ya you did, I wanted Stained not Stain K"
Hubs  "Who is Stained?  I have no clue who that is"
Me  *Jaw drops*  "Are you sure you graduated in the 90s?  We've been married 10 years, how do you not know who one of my favorite bands is?"
Hubs  "I don't know"

At this point I decided that rather than give him a lesson in 90s alternative bands that it would be better to just walk off and finish cleaning.  Next time I know to be more specific than 90s bands.  I guess that I should be happy that he didn't put Barbie World on my play list.


  1. Haha! Leave it to a man....wait never mind......don't leave it to a man.

  2. That might make me a little crazy, but then, I'm not a big sandwich eater. However, if I bought it for me... well, let's just say my kids know better! :)

  3. But Barbie World is awesome hehehehe